Meeting today, Chief Minister to take a final call

Punjab Agriculture Minister Tota Singh (SAD) and Industries Minister Madan Mohan Mittal (BJP) were reportedly at daggers drawn while the new mining policy was being discussed during the Cabinet mee

This will entitle cultivators to higher MSP for their crops

The state government has launched its much-touted crop diversification plan by reviving maize cultivation on a massive scale.

The Punjab Government’s policy on regularising illegal colonies is full of anomalies.

The ban on sand mining imposed by the National Green Tribunal is unlikely to have any impact in Punjab.

Indian basmati meant for exports is blended with a small percentage of non basmati long grain varieties.

With the successful re-auction of 13 sand quarries in four districts, the state government raked in a record Rs 14.90 crore today. The auction has ensured that mining contractors owing allegiance to the Shiromani Akali Dal wrest control of the mining operations in the state.

Sources said there was little competition during the bidding, which indicated that the bidders had reached an “understanding” among themselves. There was no collusive bidding, because the mining contractors had reportedly decided on how to share the profits in the business once they were successful in the bidding.

With collusive bidding by the "mining mafia" thwarting Punjab Government's attempts to auction 13 sand quarries in the state, the government has decided to re- auction these.The government also proposes to make amends in the mining policy to ensure that the re- auction sails through.

After the Punjab Cabinet approves the re-auction of the quarries at a Cabinet meeting scheduled for January 28, the Punjab Industries Department proposes to increase the earnest money to be deposited for participating in the auction, raise the reserve price of each of these quarries and have a say in calling off the auction without assigning any reason, in case collusive bidding is suspected.