The new and renewable energy ministry is poised to set a new energy standard for buildings in the country with a net zero-energy headquarters complex in the Capital.

NEW DELHI: Solar power installations in the country have reached 8,643MW, driven by four states crossing the 1gw solar installation mark on the back of the Modi government constantly pushing renewa

The sun may be nature's measureless bounty, but the government feels a little help from spiritual gurus can go a long way in making mortals realise its value.

India's total electricity generation capacity has crossed the 300,00 MW (mega watt)-mark, including more than 42,848 MW renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power plants, power minister

Consumers will have to shell out more for power, fuel and cars in a few years as these industries begin to pass on the burden of technology upgrades being put in place for meeting increasingly stri

The government on Wednesday raised the subsidy budget for grid-connected rooftop solar power systems from Rs 600 crore to Rs 5,000 crore with a view to encouraging green power use among large consu

Power consumers changed one crore traditional incandescent or CFL lights with energy-efficient LED bulbs in the last 25 days, even as more states joined the central government's replacement scheme.

India is gearing up to flex its solar muscles by hosting energy ministers from 107 countries for bringing to life PM Narendra Modi's vision of creating a global platform for "sunshine countries" ah

Oil companies betting big on solar doesn't sound ironic any more. Setting up solar plants -either for generating electricity or steam ­ is no more a token of commitment to environment.

Amid the political debate over dilution of the law on acquiring land for industrial units or other projects, the renewable energy ministry has "cracked the code" for overcoming any opposition from