In a major environment-friendly move to conserve energy, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation will change all its two lakh conventional park and streetlights to the LED ones.

Researchers have discovered a compound that can reverse environmental mercury (a heavy metal) poisoning by converting it from a highly toxic, volatile and soluble organic form (as a pollutant) into

In attempt to stop misuse or overuse of antibiotics, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is conducting an “antibiotic resistance survey,” based on which its latest policy on the use of th

Health experts have claimed that reverse osmosis water purifiers do not provide 100 per cent virus-free water and can lead to Hepatitis A and E.

In an ambitious plan to tap solar energy, the Delhi division of the Northern Railway is all set to use trains to generate solar power by the year-end.

Around 1,300 metric tones of solid municipal waste will be used to generate around 12 MW power

Overloaded commercial vehicles plying on the city roads are not only violating motor vehicle rules, but are also damaging environment and the roads.