Mangaloreans asked to pay more for less water to help repay loan Flawed policy and politics over water have left Mangaloreans high and dry. The city has been witnessing fights over water pricing, but the people are not convinced these are actually out of concern for them and not for their political outcome. On August 12, various political parties staged a protest against the ruling

Rs 1,800 crore groundwater programme a non-starter A Rs 1,800 crore national programme for artificial recharge of groundwater through dug-wells was announced by finance minister P Chidambaram, in February 2007. It was to provide proper irrigation facilities to millions of farmers. But thanks to the delays on part of the state governments, the scheme is yet to take off. With about

States slow to tap rainwater in tribal and rural areas the government

The Uttar Pradesh government is now mulling over a bill to check groundwater overuse The Uttar Pradesh government is hard at investigating widespread land subsidence in several districts during the second week of June this year. According to the Geological Survey of India (gsi), Lucknow, cracks appeared in districts Hamirpur, Mahoba, Jalaun, Etawah, Lucknow and Kanpurdehat (see map: Caving

six villages were flooded in Mehesana district of Gujarat after a 20-foot-wide breach appeared in the Narmada canal near Kadi on June 10. Three- to four-foot-deep water flooded the houses in these villages and the drinking water supply was badly hit. This was the third major breach in the canal in three consecutive years. The cause of the breach is not known but environmentalists blame