The situation of air pollution is going from bad to worse in Haridwar as per the residents and medical experts both, especially in past one decade the holy city has registered escalated respiratory

Dehradun: The Government Doon Medical College (GDMC) hospital is allegedly not conducting chikungunya tests for suspected patients, due to which they are now being referred to private clinics where

Dehradun: In Uttarakhand's battle against malnutrition, mandua and chaulai will now be the frontline warriors.

DEHRADUN: The dengue virus has not spared the holy city of Haridwar this season. Haridwar recorded massive 77 dengue positive cases.

DEHRADUN: The dengue cases in Uttarakhand soared to 911 on Thursday with Dehradun remaining one of the top affected districts.

DEHRADUN: Dengue cases in Dehradun have spiked to 729 on Thursday across the state the count has gone up to 776.

DEHRADUN: With heavy rain and frequent landslides blocking more than 130 roads in various districts of Uttarakhand, patients from far-flung areas are struggling to reach hospitals.

DEHRADUN: Human rights commission of Uttarakhand pulled up health department for its laxity in combating dengue menace in Dehradun, on a complaint of a human rights activist from Dehradun.

DEHRADUN: With 16 more patients identified on Sunday the number of dengue patients in state has now gone up to 122 from 106 on Saturday.

DEHRADUN: Twenty new cases of dengue from Pathribagh were registered by the health department on Thursday, taking the total count of patients to an alarming 84.