This report demonstrates how the world can get from where we are now, to where we need to be in terms of phasing out fossil fuels, cutting CO2 while ensuring energy security. This phase-out of fossil fuels offers substantial benefits such as independence from world market fossil fuel prices as well as the

EREC and Greenpeace have revised their global scenario of a world with 100 percent renewables and no carbon emissions. Progress is being made faster than expected.

This new report by Greenpeace International, European Solar Thermal Electricity Association (ESTELA) and IEA SolarPACES outlines how under an advanced industry development scenario, concentrating solar power, could meet up to 7% of the world

This publication provides stimulating analysis on future scenarios of energy use, which focus on a range of technologies that are expected to emerge in the coming years and decades. There is now universal recognition of the fact that new technologies and much greater use of some that already exist provide the most hopeful prospects for mitigation of emissions of GHGs.