Rajaji-Corbett Tiger Conservation Unit (RCTCU) in north-west India, is one of the eleven Level I Tiger Conservation Units (TCU) identified in the Indian subcontinent for the long term conservation of the tiger.

Man eating by leopards has been a major problem in some hilly districts of Uttaranchal particularly since early nineties. This has been a matter of serious concern for Forest Department, politicians, conservationists, scientists and the local people.

Golden mahseer is one of the splendid ecotourism species of the Government of Uttaranchal should strive to conserve in order to enhance the prospects of nature tourism opportunities in the state. In Uttaranchal the golden mahseer is largely confined to lotic habitats.

Mangroves, although have unique ecological characteristics and multifarious uses are in a very much degraded state. In Orissa, except Bhitarkanika, the small patches of mangroves which are available along the coastal track are considered as the relics of a glorious past when thousands hectare of land was covered with mangroves.