A short study was undertaken from December 2004 to April 2005, to assess the species diversity and composition of freshwater fishes in three tributaries of Ramganga river in the foothills of Western Himalaya. One tributary was within a protected area (PA; Corbett National Park); the other two were outside the PA (Lansdowne Forest Division).

THIN morning mist shrouded the Thunakadavu valley in the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, which is nestled between the Anamalai hills of Tamil Nadu and the Nelliyampathy hills of Kerala.

Dhole (Cuon alpinus), a pack-hunting canid, is a coursing predator of the Asian jungles. It preys on wild ungulates such as Sambar and Wild Pig and also on livestock when available. The propensity of Dholes to attack livestock, however, had resulted in the people of Bhutan nearly eradicating Dholes in 1970s by poisoning their kills.

The land that is now the state of Uttaranchal has a glorious history in tiger conservation; it was in the Corbett Tiger Reserve (TR)

Rajaji-Corbett Tiger Conservation Unit (RCTCU) in north-west India, is one of the eleven Level I Tiger Conservation Units (TCU) identified in the Indian subcontinent for the long term conservation of the tiger.