The Marigowda Memorial Hall in Lalbagh, Bangalore witnessed a steady footfall of 100 to 200 people at any given time on the 13th, 14th
and 15th of April. The occasion being ‘The Millet Mela’ that introduced Bangaloreans to an incredible range of millets and their lip
smacking derivatives. Earth360, pioneered, promoted and founded by M N Dinesh Kumar promotes natural and ecological farming
practices in the areas around Kadiri in Andhra Pradesh.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s dream of India’s second green revolution taking off from Bihar seems to be coming closer to reality
thanks to his namesake, Nitish Kumar, a young farmer of Darveshpura village in Nalanda district who has set what is claimed
to be a world record in potato production through organic farming.

Biodiversity is a commonly used word to describe the variety of life on earth. It refers to the wide range of living organisms: microbes, plants, animals and their habitats. Biodiversity on organic farms accounts for efficient nutrient recycling and effective insect management. An organic farm is a balanced system where the problem of insects is well taken care of by their natural
predators. Therefore, most farms rich in biodiversity possess greater resilience and are able to recover more readily from stress such
as drought, pests, diseases, epidemics, etc.

India is the first nation in the world to officially recognise the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) for organic certification. For this, the government of India must be warmly applauded.