The US state of Louisiana has in recent weeks seen a rise in cases of West Nile virus, which has caused two deaths.

Thirteen people are dead and three remain missing following a strong rainstorm that battered the city of Shiyan in Central China's Hubei province from Saturday night to Monday morning, local author

China's first carbon capture and storage demonstration project sealed off more than 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide in the past 15 months in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, operators

At least nine people have been confirmed dead and four others remained missing in flooding disasters after Typhoon Damrey tore through Northeast China's Liaoning Province during the weekend, accord

The Fangshan water authority in Beijing is investigating a report that one of the capital's sources of drinking water may be polluted.

Authorities in Central China's Hunan province have suspended the production licenses of more than 200 coal mine pits for safety reasons.

The death toll from Beijing's devastating downpours on July 21 has risen to 78 after a body was newly found, government authorities said Friday.

Eight miners were confirmed dead after rescue work concluded more than 20 days after a coal mine flooded in Central China's Hunan province, local authorities said Monday.

Dozens of deer were released in China's Jilin province on Sunday during the launch of a project hoped to restore the region's Siberian tiger population.

Downpours and flooding have left 11 people dead and 15 missing in Northwest China's Shaanxi province, local authorities said Sunday.