China currently has 260 million patients with chronic diseases, and these illnesses have resulted in some 85 percent of the country's total deaths, figures from the Ministry of Health show.

The shortage of drinking water has long been a threat to the development and future of country's capital, but a recent report suggests turning seawater into fresh water could turn the tide to an ol

Seven people remain trapped underground following a coal mine accident in Southwest China's Yunnan province, local authorities said Tuesday.

A forest fire broke out at 9:35 am in Northeast China'a Heilongjiang province Tuesday morning, local authorities said.

Floods triggered by heavy rains left two people missing and damaged homes in Northwest China's Gansu province Sunday, local authorities said.

China is the world's leading producer of energy from renewable sources and is on the way to overtaking developed countries in creating clean technologies, says a Climate Group report.

The report, published on Friday, says China's "clean revolution", shows that supportive government policies investing billions of dollars in energy efficiency and renewable energy are driving huge levels of innovation in China.