Yancheng of Jiangsu province, one of the three major cities involved in the province's coastal development plan, views the ecological system as its most important strategic resource and insists tha

New standards for drinking water will come into force in China on July 1, with the number of quality indicators rising to 106 from 35.

An aviation conference in Beijing on Wednesday saw leaders of the industry voice strong concern over a European Union (EU) plan to tax international airlines for carbon emissions, and an EU officia

China's civil aviation authority on Wednesday reiterated its opposition to the European Union's imposition of an emissions trading scheme on global aviation, despite a threat from the EU last week

Pretrial discussions began on Wednesday in a rare public interest lawsuit whose plaintiffs include non-governmental environmental organizations.

China's capital will spend 118 million yuan ($18.66 million) by the end of the year to improve the quality of drinking water drawn from wells, the city's water resource management authorities said

Construction companies in Beijing will need to keep a close eye on emissions of dust and other forms of pollution at their existing construction sites if they want to bid on new projects, a city go

The bodies of five miners have been removed from a mine that collapsed last Sunday in Northeast China's Liaoning province, bringing the death toll to nine, local authorities said Wednesday.

China will provide financial subsidies of 26.5 billion yuan ($4.2 billion) to stimulate the consumption of energy-saving products, mainly automobiles and household appliances, said the State Counci

Forestry authorities in Northwestern China's Gansu province said Monday that they have started the first wide-ranging census and DNA collection on endangered wild giant pandas.