BEIJING -- Beijing has rolled out a new policy to give subsidies to encourage renovation of boilers to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and improve the city's air quality, the Beijing Municipal

BEIJING - The number of people living in poverty in rural areas was reduced by 66.63 million from 2012 to 2015, said a government report released on Tuesday.

BEIJING - China's first high orbit remote sensing satellite, Gaofen-4, went into use after six months of in-orbit testing, the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National

HANGZHOU -- Thirty-two people in East China's Zhejiang province have been sentenced to up to 13 years in prison for trafficking endangered animals.

URUMQI -- Consumers may be about to get more options for the color natural wool products as Chinese scientists have used gene editing to alter the coat colors of sheep.

BEIJING - A total of 19 groups and 33 individuals became the first winners of China's environmental prize, the ecological civilization award, on World Environment Day on Sunday.

A team of scientists from a Chinese university have developed a palm-sized instrument that can detect the Ebola virus more quickly than traditional way and track down the virus load in body fluid.

China's first mandatory national textile standards for children-both infants and older children-will take effect on Wednesday, International Children's Day.

Beijing's smoking ban, which came into effect on June 1 last year and made it illegal to smoke indoors in public places, has curbed smoking in the capital and won widespread public support, accordi

LHASA - The government of southwest China's Tibet autonomous region is planning to establish a new nature reserve in 88,000 hectares of wetland.