China has reported two new cases of human bird flu infection, bringing the total this week to three, stoking fears about the spread of the deadly virus at a time when other Asian nations are battli

HONG KONG -- The Hong Kong food safety authority said on Thursday that it has banned the import of poultry meat and products from a prefecture in southwestern Japan following an outbreak of bird fl

Scientists said on Wednesday that they have solved the mystery of how a major smog component, known as sulfate, forms during heavy pollution.

After choking in haze for nearly a week, people in north China can now take a deep breath, at least until the smog returns.

BEIJING - China rolled out rules on Thursday to evaluate the green efforts of local governments.

BEIJING - Chinese President Xi Jinping said Wednesday that the country's north should promote the use of clean energy in winter heating with a view to reducing the number of smoggy days.

Several cities in North China were criticized Saturday for lazy environmental protection efforts in response to severe air pollution.

CHANGSHA - A coal mine gas explosion killed two people, injured one and trapped another two in central China's Hunan Province Sunday, local authorities said.

The Marrakech Climate Conference marked a new start for the global community to turn the Paris Agreement on climate change into action, but negotiations on climate financing will continue as progre

TIANJIN -- China is well prepared to launch the Chang'e-5 lunar probe in 2017 to collect and bring back moon rock samples for scientific research, a leading Chinese scientist said Sunday.