BEIJING - An accompanying satellite was launched from space lab Tiangong II at 7:31 am on Sunday, said Chinese scientists.

GUANGZHOU - Disasters brought by Typhoon Haima have affected 1.69 million people in South China's Guangdong province, said the provincial civil affairs department on Sunday.

BEIJING - China on Monday allocated 220 million yuan ($33 million dollars) to typhoon-hit Fujian and Zhejiang provinces for disaster relief work.

WUHAN - Severe drought in central China's Hubei province over the past three weeks has caused drinking water shortages for 237,000 people, local authorities said Saturday.

BEIJING - China will officially recognize those who excel in poverty alleviation work, an official from the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development announced Wedne

China's first national gene bank, China National Genebank, will open in the southern city of Shenzhen on Sept 22, with the goal of protecting, researching and utilizing genetic resources, Nanfang D

CHENGDU - The death toll from rain in southwest China's Sichuan province from Saturday to Monday has risen to nine and eight people remain missing.

CHENGDU -- Six people died and 10 are missing after downpours battered Southwest China's Sichuan province on Sunday and Monday, according to local authorities.

Lawmakers from Asian and African nations, along with some representatives of international institutes, said on Sunday that they would welcome more cooperation to help the poor, as poverty reduction

China's single-aperture spherical telescope "FAST" is ready to begin working as the feed cabin installation has been completed in the Southwest province of Guizhou.