A tiny island of fishermen is light years ahead of the rest of Pakistan, powering homes and businesses with wind turbines

The existing energy crisis can easily be solved by proper utilisation of alternate energy sources. Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Sardar Assef Ahmed Ali said this on Thursday.

French Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Anne Marie Idrac on Thursday said her country would not set up a nuclear plant in Pakistan.

At a press conference, she said France would provide technical assistance to Pakistan to improve security of its existing civil nuclear facilities.

The Pak-Tajik Joint Economic Commission (JEC) meeting wants to establish an energy hub and provide electricity to deficit countries, Federal Minister for water and power, Rajaz Pervez Ashraf, said here on Monday.

Environment Minister Hameedullah Jan Afridi has said indiscriminate use of chemicals to achieve and maintain development tempo in agriculture, industry and urban settlements was damaging public health and natural resources of the country.

Offices of a private firm in Islamabad have become one the first place in the country to have been powered by geothermal energy. Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) facilitated Shan Geothermal in setting up of a pilot project of geothermal earth energy in line with the government

The levying of carbon surcharge on POL products at fixed rates was the decision of the government of Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) did not ask for its imposition as conditionality under the Stand-by Arrangement (SBA).

To attract public private investment in the power-producing sector, the government has asked the Ministry of Science and Technology (S&T) to complete the survey report of 24 sites in Northern Areas for the establishment of windmill farms.

The World Bank (WB) has approved two projects totaling $135 million to help the Government of Pakistan strengthen social safety nets and eradicate polio.

The government on Saturday increased budgetary allocation for the research and development in the atomic energy sector from the current fiscal year