Villages categorised according to incidence, door-to-door campaigns underway for anti-malaria pills.

At a recent meeting of city administrators with representatives from the state and central governments, it was also proposed that all school buses in the city should switch over to CNG.

The SEIAA took note of this observation and has decided not to give permission for any site.

The Pune Municipal Corporation has been asked to do a environmental impact report for the Pimpri Sandas land for the solid waste management project by the state environment department.

The State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) is clear that they would not give any clearance for any stone quarry in the district.

‘In last one year, RTO has no record of inspections carried out at the centres by its officials despite it being mandatory by state transport department’

Scientists underscore need to set up birth defects registries; Sassoon hospital to start one in city.

Says civic body itself should implement the project through a tender process.

The hazard analysis based on the study of the entire forest area surrounding the factory showed that between 2002 and 2015, the entire forest patch had completely become barren.

The issue was raised when the MP had stopped the construction of a jogging track and had barred civic employees from dumping garbage on the river bed and from setting the garbage heap on fire.