KANPUR: The National Green Tribunal (NGT) will convene a joint meeting of the Pollution Control Board officials, chief secretary, principal secretary environment, National Mission for Clean Ganga (

KANPUR: For the first time in any event of IIT-Kanpur, waterless urinals and zero discharge toilet system (ZDTS) have been installed for use.

The encouraging signs of the first 'bonding period', among the three pairs of Asiatic Lion (Panthera Leo Persica) has made Etawah Lion Safari officials hopeful of further increase in the population

With a million new cases being reported every year, cancer seems to be tightening its grip in India.

The district administration snapped power supply to 98 tanneries in Jajmau amidst tight security on the orders of the National Green Tribunal (NGT).

The holy Ganga gains further importance during Magh Mela in January.

Central Pollution control board has given its consent for the installation of a zero liquid discharge plant at Jajmau to save the river Ganga from pollutants in discharge of tanneries.

Thick fog and haze that envelops the city every morning and evening is an indicator of high pollution levels in the city.

Despite significant dip in the PH value (a measure of the acidity of an aqueous solution), the pious Ganga continues to remain polluted.

Kanpur: Amidst dwindling population of Gangetic river dolphins as only 2,000 are left in the country, the state government is gearing up to undertake Dolphin census in major rivers next month.