AGRA: Around 20,000 residents of the Yadav-dominated Budhana village, 15km from Agra, have decided to boycott polls over the lack of development in their area.

KANPUR: The burning of Holikas will once again witness the use of green trees and branches.

Release of excessive water from various dams and barrages for bathing during Magh Mela at Allahabad and unseasonal rainfall in the region have affected the nesting of hard-shell turtles and birds i

Poachers are robbing the Chambal river, flowing through the National Chambal Sanctuary, of its rich aquatic life right under the nose of the Etawah district administration.

KANPUR: Even after several campaigns and efforts, the condition of the city ghats is still miserable.

KANPUR: Illegal sand mining in the riverbeds of the Yamuna and Sindh rivers along the Uttar Pradesh-Madhya Pradesh border in the region is continuing in blatant violation of the Supreme Court's Feb

The district surveillance unit of the health department had taken note of accumulation of nullah water in the lake of the Kanpur zoo which is a breeding ground for the various bacterial diseases.

Concerned over the rising pollution in Ganga, members of Ganga Pradushan Mukti Abhiyaan warned to boycott the upcoming Magh Mela to be organized in Allahabad from January 14.

KANPUR: With the onset of winters, the region has started buzzing with the chirping of winged guests, which have started arriving from as far as Siberia and Himalaya.

District Forest Officer, Etawah, Manik Chandra Yadav said that the National Chambal Sanctuary and the wetlands besides other smaller water-bodies, have become the winter home for migratory birds.

KANPUR: City based paediatrics advised parents to take extra care of their kids in winters to keep pneumonia at bay, on World Pneumonia day observed on November 12, every year.