KANPUR: The spotted pond turtle also known as black pond turtle (geoclemys hamiltonii) seized in the recent past in Mumbai and various other parts of the country, are in demand in local and interna

KANPUR: With the onset of winters, the region has started buzzing with the chirping of winged guests, which have started arriving from as far as Siberia and Himalaya.

District Forest Officer, Etawah, Manik Chandra Yadav said that the National Chambal Sanctuary and the wetlands besides other smaller water-bodies, have become the winter home for migratory birds.

UP government on Monday gave in principle approval to construction of an expressway between Lucknow and Agra.

Lucknow: The Forest department officials at Shahjahanpur are awaiting the sarus count eagerly. They are confident that their number in the district is certain to exceed those in Etawah and Mainpuri, accounting for the maximum number of Uttar Pradesh

If India as a country stands accused of failure to protect the national animal, the state of Uttar Pradesh is now on the verge of being indicted in the same manner for threatening the very existence of the state bird, the Sarus Crane, in the districts of Etawah and Mainpuri where it has been apparently flourishing. The U.P. Govt formed a Sarus Protection Society and earmarked Rs. 10 crores for the purpose, but it is lying in cold storage. (May 2008)

Human head hair concentration of zinc from 175 subjects (92 male and 83 female) aged between 11 to 51 year in Mainpuri region has been studied by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. The mean concentration of zinc have been found significantly higher in female than in male subjects.