President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday officially opened a giant zinc mine that boasts of the largest known and undeveloped zinc ore bodies in the world.

The McArthur River mine in the Northern Territory – one of the world’s biggest zinc, lead and silver mines – must shut immediately and owner Glencore must cover the clean-up costs, say traditional

The objective of this work was to evaluate the removal of Cu2+ and Zn2+ in water by means of the adsorption process using three biosorbents derived from jatropha biomass (bark, endosperm and endosperm + seed coat). The experiments were performed in batch and evaluated the effect of solution pH, adsorbent mass, contact time, different initial concentrations of the metals Cu2+ and Zn2+, and the temperature of the solution during the adsorptive process. By kinetics, the adsorption isotherms and thermodynamics the mechanisms that control the adsorptive process were evaluated.

A study reveals that the zinc levels are 15 times more than the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) standards in the soil samples collected from near river Ramganga at Moradabad,

Ganesh Chaturthi is just round the corner and many residents in the city will be keeping Lord Ganesha idols at home for nine days and then finally immerse these in water on the tenth day.

For decades, villagers in a rural area of Guangxi have seen their rice saplings wilt shortly after planting and found soft bones a common ailment.

Norway’s green and unspoilt image is at risk if government agrees to Nordic Mining dumping hundreds of millions of tonnes of waste into a fjord, say campaigners

Team of scientists finds zinc, lead and mercury in river

E-cigarettes can contain higher amounts of certain toxins than regular cigarettes, according to U.S. scientists.

Extremely high levels of heavy metals found in samples from Loni and Mandoli