zinc supplements are widely promoted only in the oral rehydration therapy to treat diarrhoea. Plans to use it as a general supplement, have suffered a setback with a new study proving that they

Studies on the removal of zinc by adsorption on two types of flyashes, namely Bokaro Thermal Power Plant Fly ash and Fluidized Bed Combustion Fly Ash from Tata Steel, Jamadoba were carried out.

This fact sheet serves as guidance for chat washers, vendors who use chat (chat use), and for anyone selling chat. This guidance provides recommendations on the use of chat that EPA believes will generally be protective. If used properly, the environment and human health can be protected. However, improper use of

research carried out in Bangladesh has shown that giving zinc supplements to children suffering from diarrhoea can reduce the duration and severity of the disease. The study has been carried out by

High metal content found in Orrisa s mangroves hints at increasing pollution

The tit's tail feathers can help gauge pollution levels

Despite international regulations and campaigning by environmentalists, hazardous waste continues to be dumped in India

In urging free import of zinc ash, which is often contaminated, Planning Commission member G Thimmiah has shown scant respect for the environment

Material flows of the economic cycle can contain toxic substances, which enter the economy as impurities in raw materials or are intentionally added as minor or even main constituents during the manufacture of industrial or consumer goods. Cadmium, predominantly associated with zinc minerals, is a by-product of the primary zinc production.

Tornado survivors got down to the grim business of cleaning up what little was left of their communities after storms smashed through the American plains and south, killing at least 22 people in three states.