KANPUR: Thousands of fishes of different species including 'Chilwa' and cat fish died in the lake of Kanpur zoo following dip in the level of dissolved oxygen in the lake water.

KANPUR: IIT-Kanpur has redeveloped and redesigned its green toilet and named it 'Triansh'. The system has also been installed at Magh Mela campus in Allahabad.

KANPUR: People of the industrial city received shivering all night long on Sunday as the minimum temperature dipped to just 0.8 degrees.

KANPUR: The state forest department along with WWF will commence the census of the Indo-Gangetic dolphins in Ganga from Monday.

Kanpur: The only mantra that can protect an individual during tremors is an earthquake resistant building, says IIT-K civil engineering department's Prof Durgesh Rai.

The holy Ganga gains further importance during Magh Mela in January.

Despite significant dip in the PH value (a measure of the acidity of an aqueous solution), the pious Ganga continues to remain polluted.

KANPUR: The burning of Holikas will once again witness the use of green trees and branches.

The district surveillance unit of the health department had taken note of accumulation of nullah water in the lake of the Kanpur zoo which is a breeding ground for the various bacterial diseases.