New Delhi: The oil ministry will make a strong pitch to unshackle petrol prices from government control and introduce a differential pricing mechanism, along with a small price increase of Re 1 a litre for diesel, when the Cabinet meets on Thursday.

In case it goes through, the proposal for deregulation will mean a jump of Rs 4.71 in the price of a litre of petrol.

A recent news story on the just-released Kirit Parikh committee report on pricing of petroleum products had a headline suggesting that

New Model Will Help The Producers Sell Electricity To Most

Panel Wants Decontrol, Govt May Settle For Rs 3 Petrol Hike, Re 1 For Diesel

New Delhi: After dal-chawal, petrol, diesel and CNG may burn a bigger hole in your pocket as the government tries to strike a balance between keeping transport fuel prices in check without letting staterun oilmarketing companies slip into the red.

New Delhi: Mobile services in Noida remained badly crippled for the second day running as the authorities launched a crackdown on

New Delhi: Soon, one might see cultivation of plants like Jatropha and Karanja for biofuel production in the Ridge area and along all major drains in the city. Chief minister Sheila Dikshit on Monday said that the government would study the viability of the proposal to ensure that no agricultural land is given up for growing these crops.

New Delhi: Delhi Technological University (DTU) will don a fresh green look soon. After being upragded to a university in the middle of last year, DTU revisited its master plan and came up with innovative ways to improve the institute.

New Delhi: State-run oilmarketing companies led the government up the garden path on the issue of green fuels by telling the oil ministry till the very end 2009 that they were ready to meet the April 1, 2010, deadline for introducing Euro-III petrol and diesel throughout the country

New Delhi: In another goodwill gesture, India said it would stop work on the Tipaimukh dam project which had caused resentment in Bangladesh.