Kodaikanal Lake which forms the heart of the resort is a star shaped lake, covering an area of about 24 hectares. Kodaikanal Lake was created in 1863 by Sir Hendry Levinge. The objectives of this study is to assess the physico-chemical and biological quality of the Kodaikanal lake and to assess whether the lake requires bioremidiation programme.

Chandigarh Administration has taken firm steps to control the projected deterioration in the environment of the city by initiating various environment friendly projects like establishment of Botanic Garden, green belts, parks and water-bodies. Administration has imposed a complete ban on the

This Writ Petition was filed in 1990 in the Supreme Court by the Indian Council for Enviro Legal Action & Others. against the industries and the CETP managements of PETL at Pathancheru and Bolaram for the pollution of the ground water and surface water caused by the discharge of the effluents from these CETPs. Among others, the A.P.