The Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE) on May 04, 2021 issued the draft Industrial Relations (Central) Recognition of Negotiating Union or Negotiating Council and Adjudication of Disputes of Trade Unions Rules, 2021 for inviting comments and suggestions.

The Report has its momentum as the Code on Wages Bill aims to ensure universal wage protection for all workers, which will benefit millions of persons in India.

The households covered under this survey has been classified into four social groups, viz., Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC) and Others category.

India has a great opportunity to meet the future skilled manpower demands of the World, India can become the worldwide sourcing hub for skilled workforce.

The survey results show that with the increase in education level, the unemployment rate has also increased in the age group 18-29 years.

The experience of countries that succeeded in reducing poverty significantly indicates the importance of high rates of economic growth in achieving this.

A recent report on Employment and Unemployment survey 2011-12 reveals some cheering facts for Gujarat and some surprising facts for certain states of the nation. The lowest unemployment rate was in Gujarat, just 1%. While the largest numbers of unemployed persons were found in Kerala and West Bengal.

The present survey is the 12th in the series of “Quarterly Quick Employment Surveys” conducted by the Bureau to assess the impact of economic slowdown on employment in India. The survey was conducted in the month of October & November, 2011 and covers the period July-September, 2011.

This Report to the People on Employment provides a framework to understand the contemporary employment scenario. It focuses on key issues of generation of quality employment for the people seeking work. The issue of providing decent work, particularly to those who are excluded and marginalized in the labour market is a central concern of this Report.

The National Policy on Safety, Health and Environment at workplace to eliminate the incidence of work related injuries, diseases, fatalities, disaster and loss of national assets. It aims to not only ensure achievement of a high level of occupational safety, health and environment performance through proactive approaches but also to enhance the well-being of the employee and society at large.