This draft bill by the Ministry of Water Resources is to establish a framework with governing principles for protection, conservation and regulation of waters and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

The Framework is meant to provide the larger structure for organizing the support mechanisms to States and communities in their governing institutions at the levels that matter, the Local Government, CBOs (Community Based Institutions), the Management of ponds, water bodies, watersheds, aquifers, and river basins.

Water is the harbinger and sustainer of all life on the planet especially the humankind. With the increasing demand by the growing population and improvement in economic status, the demands on the available resources are increasing and we have to constantly strive towards stretching the same water to satisfy larger needs.

The National Water Policy (2012), recently adopted by National Water Resources Council, headed by Prime Minister, inter-alia stipulate that all hydrological data, other than those classified on national security consideration, should be in public domain in open and transparent manner on a GIS platform.

Order of Cauvery water disputes tribunal in Civil Miscellaneous Petition Nos. 4, 5 and 9 of 1990 in the matter of (water dispute amongst the state government of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Union Territory of Pondicherry, viz dispute regarding the inter-state river cauvery and the river valley thereof).

The draft policy guidelines are basically for sharing / distribution of waters of inter -State rivers amongst the States and Union Territories of India and are recommendatory.

A Bill further to amend the River Boards Act, 1956 to provide for the establishment of River Basin Authority for the regulation and development of Inter-State Rivers and River Basins.

The report of the Committee constituted to study the activities that are required for optimal development of river basins and changes required in the existing River Board Act, 1956 for achievement of the same, by the Ministry of Water Resources.

Draft national water policy (2012) as recommended by National Water Board in its 14th meeting held on 7th June, 2012.

The Ministry of Water Resources has come up with this draft of the National Water Policy 2012. It proposes setting up of water regulatory authority and says that there should be a provision for adequate water pricing to incentivize recycle and reuse.