pm halts road: Mauritius' prime minister Navin Ramgoolam has announced a halt to construction of a 25-km highway running through Ferney Valley, which helps to speed up journeys to tourist resorts.

Sadly, preserving Taj Mahal appeared to be the last thing on the authorities’ mind when they allowed land reclamation work to continue for six months on the dried-up Yamuna riverbed right in the monument’s backyard. They may actually end up scripting its

The controversy over the use of polluting coal by industries in the Taj Trapezium Zone in Agra has assumed political overtones. Local politicians are siding with the industrialists to stall the

The impasse at Agra reflect poorly on the goverkment's efforts to relocate industries and save the Taj

Agra's Taj Mahal will soon heave a sigh of relief and breathe clean air, it seems. In the first week of March Satish Sharma, the minister of state for petroleum and natural gas, announced a 10-point