the first crop of wheat plants was

The number of institutions trying to integrate environmental concerns with economics is still small in India, especially given the size of the country and the diversity of its environmental problems and challenges, but a small beginning has already been made. This volume presents the proceedings of the national environment and economics meeting held in January 1994, in New Delhi.

While debating the ways to attain global food security, national governments ignore the most pertinent issue: rapidly disappearing agro biodiversity

As nations bicker, the list of countries reporting the loss of wild relatives of specific crops grows

what has been a traditional practice of farming could actually be detrimental to the world's tropical forests, according to a report prepared by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural

Commitment of a donor organisation to bring about a shift in the agrarian set up should be matched by political machinations as well

In the mid '80s, the traditional farming system in southern Benin had collapsed because extensive tilling affected soil fertility. The problem was aggravated by the spread of a grass weed Imperata

The oil boom in the Gulf has taken a toll of the wheat farms of Saudi Arabia. Large tracts of rich, arable land are slowly drying up in the Saudi Arabian desert as the once lucrative

That the grass seems greener on the other side rings more true for Africans. They have been relying heavily on food imports to combat famine, drought, starvation and malmarition and

In order to take crucial decisions on germplasm access and management, an honest accounting of the geopolitics of 'where does it come from' is needed. With 75 per cent of the ex situ collections,