Findings from a recent study conducted in Pakistan and Egypt by researchers from the Imperial College, London, suggest that a secondary pollutant, surface ozone, may well be responsible for substantial reduction in the yields of major crops

Researchers at the Scottish Crop Research Institute near Dundee, working on the oilseed rape plant, have concluded that pollen from the genetically engineered crop actually spreads to a larger

Caribbean agriculture has been laid low by a large variety of pests and a series of hurricanes and drought. "We have a crisis in agriculture in the Caribbean," admits Hayden Blades,

THE agricultural policy of the state of Tamil Nadu has undergone a transfor- mation which will apparently ensure all round economic development and faster economic growth especially in the rural

MAJOR rice and water crises await Asian countries in the next 30 years, the International Rice Research Institute (iARi) reports. It predicts acute shortages of rice unless anti-pollution and

WHEAT is the Crop of the coming era, says the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). And India is slated to be the lead producer of this cereal in the next decade. In

The natives of Banni in Gujarat have developed a unique rainwater From highly technique from highly saline ground water

Transferred genes light up the prospects of keeping agricultural trouble makers in control

Increasing livestock in the Asian countries could result In lower foodgrain production

When it comes to high yields and returns, opt for green gram, say researchers