Snow depth is an important parameter for avalanche forecast and hydrological studies. In the Himalaya, manual snow depth data collection is difficult due to remote and rugged terrain and the severe weather conditions. However, microwave-based sensors in various satellites have the capability to estimate snow depth in all weather conditions. In the present study, experiments were performed to establish an algorithm for snow depth estimation using ground-based passive microwave radiometer with 6.9, 18.7 and 37 GHz antenna frequencies at Dhundhi and Patseo, Himachal Pradesh, India.

An avalanche in a Himalayan region of northern India yesterday killed at least five villagers when their houses were buried under heavy snow, officials said.

The death toll for those killed by torrential rains across Pakistan increased to 40 on Wednesday.

Six Armymen were killed and one remains missing after an Army post in Siachen sector in Ladakh was buried under an avalanche early Sunday morning.

At least nine European climbers were swept to their deaths early Thursday by an avalanche that left at least 11 injured in France’s Mont Blanc mountain range, the authorities said.

Rescuers dug through mud and debris on Monday searching for bodies after a flash flood swept through west Nepal killing at least 20 people and leaving dozens missing, police said.

An avalanche in Annapurna mountain range has triggered massive flood in Seti River in Kaski on Saturday, killing at least eight people and destroying human settlements along the riverbanks along wi

Three women were killed by avalanche in Donga Shamlai area of Battagram while a former union council nazim was killed when his vehicle plunged into a deep ravine near Ghanool on Tuesday.

An avalanche of mud smashed into an orphanage in Malaysia killing at least five children, police said, after heavy monsoon rains lashed the capital Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas on Saturday.

Police said eight children had been rescued from under the mud that partly covered the orphanage in the central state of Selangor, which borders the capital.

But seven children remained missing afte

Two persons were killed while 73 others, mostly tourists, had a narrow escape when avalanche struck a mountainous pass, two kilometres short of Changla Top on the Leh-Karu-Tangtse axis, en route to Pangong Lake bordering China in Ladakh region on Tuesday.