The paper deals with the relationship between the tribal communities and the NTFP used for their livelihood and nutrition in the forests of Betul District of Madhya Pradesh and Melghat District of Maharashtra with special reference to Gond and Korku tribal communities. The study area includes tribal dominated forests.

One man s battle to save a village economy

Regional gravity and magnetic surveys were carried out over the Archaeoan-Proterozoic Crystallines of Betul district, Madhya Pradesh covering an area of 130 Uranium mineralization in the area is hoted by the graphitic schist unit of older metasediments of Sonaghati and Junawani areas.

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In order to improve electricity supply Madhya Pradesh Central Region Power Distribution Company has taken various steps in 16 districts. The company informed that works worth Rs 106 crore are underway at Guna and Ashok Nagar districts, which are being carried out by NECL (NTPC).