Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is an increasing cause of chronic morbidity and mortality around the world. Prevalence of COPD among ethnic populations is not well documented. To study the prevalence of COPD among the marginalized Gond tribes of Kundam Block of Madhya Pradesh state in central India, cross sectional survey was conducted amongst the Gond tribes of Kundam Block, during the years 2007 to 2009.

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Mendha a tribal village in Gadchiroli district, Maharashtra is showing the way to conserve forests and manage natural resources. Mendha is mainly inhabited by 480 Gond adivasis.

A green backdrop in the wake of the recent monsoon fails to hide the stumps of fullygrown Sagaun trees that once stood on Kashiram"s fields in Dadudhana village of Betul district. The septuagenarian Dalit, along with his son Ramcharan, still awaits payment from a dodgy contractor who logged 200 trees of precious timber on his private land.
A hapless Bhimrao and Shanta

The Gonds, like all aboriginal people, are animistic, for whom nature, from where they derive all their sustenance, is everything, hence a power to pray to and also appease.

An annual fair in a cave is a rallying point for Gond tribals

The Satpura plateau regionof Central India is home of numerous herb species. The agro climatic conditions prevailing in the region provides an ideal habitat for the natural growth of variety of plants and herbs, which provide raw materials for pharmaceutical, phytochemical, food, flavoring and cosmetic industries.

The paper deals with the relationship between the tribal communities and the NTFP used for their livelihood and nutrition in the forests of Betul District of Madhya Pradesh and Melghat District of Maharashtra with special reference to Gond and Korku tribal communities. The study area includes tribal dominated forests.

Fencing the Forest: Conservation and Ecological Change in India's Central Provinces 1860-1914 draws on archival and printed sources to shed new light on the ecological dimensions of the colonial impact on South Asia. The changing responses of rural forest users and the fortunes of the land they lived on are the key themes of this study.

A village of 105 lit up households. But how to make renewable energy sustainable? A 30-km drive from Chhattisgarh