SHRIYA MOHAN uncovers shocking tales of tribals battling hunger and starvation in the heartlands of Madhya Pradesh

Khalwa block in the East Nimar (Khandwa) district of Madhya Pradesh has been in contemporary debate over development not only in the state but also in national level for so many reasons. In recent times revival of the existing canal irrigation systems by Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India) in Dabhiya and neighboring Dagadkot village which was built by the government nearly two decades ago has raised the rays of hopes among the farmers of the villages.

A green backdrop in the wake of the recent monsoon fails to hide the stumps of fullygrown Sagaun trees that once stood on Kashiram"s fields in Dadudhana village of Betul district. The septuagenarian Dalit, along with his son Ramcharan, still awaits payment from a dodgy contractor who logged 200 trees of precious timber on his private land.
A hapless Bhimrao and Shanta

The Satpura plateau regionof Central India is home of numerous herb species. The agro climatic conditions prevailing in the region provides an ideal habitat for the natural growth of variety of plants and herbs, which provide raw materials for pharmaceutical, phytochemical, food, flavoring and cosmetic industries.