Shock, horror, outrage. Those were the dominant reactions when the world woke up to the nightmare of Bhopal on that December morning in 1984. Over 26 years later, those were again the dominant reactions following the judgement of the Bhopal district court last week which awarded a shamefully light two-year sentence to the seven accused in the world's worst industrial disaster.

Crowds of over 10,000 people are usually seen at political events, religious congregations or live entertainment shows.

A green backdrop in the wake of the recent monsoon fails to hide the stumps of fullygrown Sagaun trees that once stood on Kashiram"s fields in Dadudhana village of Betul district. The septuagenarian Dalit, along with his son Ramcharan, still awaits payment from a dodgy contractor who logged 200 trees of precious timber on his private land.
A hapless Bhimrao and Shanta

The fast disappearing big cat
The elegantly-worded and detailed website of the Madhya Pradesh Government

Bellary's mining magnates hogged the headlines during the recent Karnataka polls for their successful foray into politics. In Madhya Pradesh though, the script reads out in reverse.

Here, politicians have joined the gold rush and acquired vast interests in mining across the state. The consequences of this mad scramble for a piece of the mining pie have been disastrous for the environment.

Your money or your lives: sounds like a standard clich

A campaign to save trees not only stops deforestation but also earns forex for scores of tribal farmers

If it wasn't for frenetic industrial activity underway in the backwaters of Chhattisgarh, Chief Minister Raman Singh's dreams would sound utopian. But the clanging of metal and bright sparks coming out from a welder's torch at the third unit of the 1,620-mw Lanco Amarkantak power plant under construction just off the Korba-Champa highway are a clear pointer to changing times.