A JAPANESE company has developed a device to discourage pigeons from perching on statues, temples and other buildings and control the menace of pigeon droppings. Called a "bird stopper", the

The social behaviour of a bird species found in Africa is remarkably similar human actions

THOUGHT the dodo was a lumbering, fat bird? You might be mistaken, says Andrew Kitchner, curator at the Royal Museum of Scotland, who has discovered that early illustrations of the dodo, which became

THE PACIFIC island-state of Nauru, once abundant in phosphates deposited by birds, now lies devastated and desolate. Most of the phosphate was mined by Australia and royalties made the Nauruans one

The urge to be close to nature guided Madeleine Slade, who came to be known as Mira Behn, throughout her life

An American ornithologist says he has found fresh evidence that the world's oldest bird like creature, the Archaeopteryx, was undoubtedly a bird. But not all scientists are convinced.

The European blackcap has dramatically changed its migration pattern, flying to a new site, more than 1,000 km north of the region where it traditionally spent the winter.

IT WAS a strange case of politicians taking out their venom on snakes. Angry CPM workers in Kerala vandalised and set fire to the Parassinikkadavu Snake Park in Kannur. The reason for the wanton

KAREN Perremans and her colleagues at the Zoological Institute at Leuven in Belgium have discovered that birds have unique "featherprints," which may make it possible to identify bird species by

Poisonous bird