George Joseph / Kochi February 18, 2010, 0:40 IST

The state government doesn

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KOCHI: The petition filed by Tata against the show-cause notice issued by the Idukki District Collector seeking reasons for not removing the check dams and the rose plantation on the land which is in the company

KOCHI: The Kerala High Court on Tuesday extended the stay on demolishing the check dams constructed by the Tata on the land in its possession, for one more day. The hearing will continue on Wednesday.

George Joseph / Kochi February 09, 2010, 0:49 IST

Trade unions affiliated to the political parties which dominate the ruling CPI(M)-led government in Kerala have openly protested at the latter

NAGERCOIL: The Consumer Human Rights Protection Group has urged the Government to construct eight check dams across the Pazayaru.
Surplus water

Its president S.R. Sree Ram said that the surplus water during rainy season drained in to sea and hence check dams should be constructed across the river.

In a small, hilly district of south Gujarat lies the story of a people moving out of the shadow of war and death, guns and bullets to embrace peace and prosperity. It is the story of bravery in the face of death, of battling armed Maoists who are slicing through India's tribal heartland, challenging the writ of the state.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Amidst the confusions over removal of check dams in Munnar, the Irrigation Department has now authorised the District Collector of Idukki to take necessary action against any illegal check dam in Munnar.

B Sreejan

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The order issued by Revenue Principal Secretary Nivedita P Haran states that followup actions on the issue will be taken based on the land board award of 1974.

Kochi: The Kanan Devan Hill Plantation Company on Thursday filed three writ petitions in the Kerala High Court challenging the notices issued by the Idukki District Collector to demolish two check-dams on its Letchmi and Chanduvurrai estates and remove an electric fencing erected at its rose plantation in Munnar.

George Joseph / Kochi February 04, 2010, 0:56 IST

In a sequel to its decision to demolish two check dams on tea plantations partly owned by the Tata Group in the Munnar region, the Kerala government has issued a notice to remove the electric fencing in the disputed area.