Rainfed agriculture constitutes 55% of net sown area in the country. The annual average rainfall of the country varies from 400 to more than 2000mm varying in both space and time. In low to medium rainfall rainfed regions, the occurrence of high intense rainfall events with the short duration are very common causing the soil erosion.

Smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are increasingly using small-scale irrigation to cultivate their land. Individually owned and operated irrigation technologies improve yields, reduce risks associated with climate variability and increase incomes, allowing farmers to purchase food, health care and education.

Hussainiwala : Hundreds of cusecs of water are being pushed to Pakistan from this barrage, located at a few yards from the Radcliffe Line demarcating the Indo-Pak border, by the state Irrigation and Drainage Department authorities to maintain the level of the Hussainiwala pond.

Official sources said that about 1,800 cusecs of water were released to Pakistan today by the authorities despite the

Rahul Wadke

The Maharashtra Government's ambitious project of setting up one lakh farm ponds across the State this year has received good response.

More than 50,000 ponds will be constructed before the onset of this monsoon.

Of the budgeted outlay of Rs 300 crore, about Rs 160 crore has already been disbursed to farmers, a senior official with the State Government said.