Small scale watershed development is a viable way to improve degraded ecosystems, create diverse livelihood opportunities for rural people and build stable ecosystems. Aseema trust demonstrated this on a small area of 14 acres in the tribal villages of Maharshtra.

Involving local communities in identifying local solutions is the best way to address local water problems. Experience of MITTRA is one such example which depicts communities taking charge of developing water sources and managing them well too.

Most rivers and streams in urban India are dead or on the verge of collapse. With a very few and rare exceptions, these once-beautiful water bodied have been encroached upond, sources dried up or converted into sewage drains all over the country.

The broad objectives of Check Dams (In-stream Storage Structures) are : To provide drinking water facilities in the villages along both the sides of the river after monsoon period; Ground Water recharge; To provide incidental irrigation during late Khariff and Rabi by storing water at the end of monsoon mainly through lifting devices; Irrigation use of water flowing down drainage channels; To dive


Planting lakhs of trees, designing hundreds of check dams, and evolving new techniques of irrigating tree saplings in dry regions are feats of an out-of-the-box thinker named Mr. Premjibhai Patel, Rajkot, Gujarat.

Mr. Patel's tree planting efforts first started from Rajkot, but soon spread to states such as Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Ecological restoration

A check-dam in coastal Gujarat sweetened water and changed farmers' lives. Now, another change is coming, a cement factory over the reservoir and the villagers are on the warpath.

That India is on the verge of a serious water crisis is a foregone conclusion. So much so that the possibility of water riots in the future can't be ruled out. And it's not that the farmers of Vidarbha in Maharashtra or Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh are the only casualties of depleting groundwater level.

District Collector has decided to hold talks with leaders tomorrow

BERHAMPUR: Peasants from villages of Kasinagar block of Gajapati district demonstrated in front of the office of the Gajapati district Collector in Parlakhemundi on Wednesday to protest against construction of

JAIPUR: The Rajasthan Government has devised an action plan worth Rs.32 crore for revival of rivers of the length of 1,400 km in the Hadoti region by constructing large check-dams for conservation of rain waters.

The construction of a check-dam at Haripura Manjhi on the Kalisindh river route has already started.

Court says writ petitions are maintainable