The Odisha cabinet approved Agriculture Policy 2020 to boost farmer income with focus on providing market linkages and technical support.

The Public Health Engineering Organisation (PHEO) of Odisha, through its division/sub-division offices spread across the state, is the service provider for treated water supply in the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) of Odisha, classified as municipal corporations, municipalities and notified area councils.

This special regulation for installation of telecom towers in urban areas of Odisha aims to create a healthy and congenial atmosphere for wellbeing and convenience of the public.

This Odisha State Urban Water Policy, 2013 cleared by the state cabinet in October 2013 proposes an investment of Rs 4380 crore over the period of 12 years from 2015-2027 aims to provide universal access to potable 24X7 piped water supply to 106 urban local bodies. Read the text

Government after careful consideration have been pleased to modify certain provisions of the `Scheme for Affordable Urban Housing in Odisha, 2012’ in order to make it more effective in delivering its objectives.

The key objective of Odisha Urban Parking Policy 2013 is to develop parking places and organise parking activities for all types of modes of transport .It aims to discourage daily usage of personalized motorized vehicles and promote mass transportation and use of non-motorized transport system. Read the draft of this policy.

This is draft of Odisha Solar Policy, 2013 which aims to promote use of solar energy in the state to support development and address the problem of energy security.

There is vast untapped potential for food processing industry in the state. In Odisha, about 0.7% of the total produce is processed currently. The National Food Processing Policy strives to achieve 25% fro the current national average of 6% by 2025.

This state agriculture policy notified by the Orissa government has provision to enhance the subsidy on private irrigation projects to 75 per cent of total cost and for community irrigation project, the rebate will be up to 90 per cent.

This Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (C&AG) on Government of Odisha relates to matters arising from Performance Audit of selected department, programmes / schemes and Compliance Audit of Government Departments and Autonomous Bodies.