A day after demanding a meeting of the Cauvery River Water Authority, Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa on Sunday urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to ask Karnataka to stop “forthwith the execution of any check dams or diversion structures across the Pennaiyar river”.

“I understand the government of Karnataka has proposed to construct check dams and diversion structures across the Pennaiyar river, which is causing great alarm and apprehension in Tamil Nadu

SC nod can lead to production of 6-7 mt from 49 category A, B mines

The shortage of iron ore in Karnataka is likely to ease by July, as regular mining is expected to resume in a couple of months from now. The Supreme Court-appointed authorities are preparing reclamation and rehabilitation (R&R) plans, stoking hopes of an end to the stalemate. Once the apex court approves the plans, mining can resume in 49 leases of 50-hectares and above falling under the A and B category mines in the districts of Bellary, Chitradurga and Tumkur.

The Shivalik range of Himalayas, represent the most fragile ecosystem in India, in order to restore the ecological environment in this area, a hilly watershed typical of the region of 21 ha area was brought under study in 1963. The watershed has been under complex protection and was treated by soil and water conservation measures during 1963-64.

The revised National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP) Guidelines issued by Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission, Department of Drinking Water & Sanitation has focus on adequate water supply in quantity and quality, to each rural household on a sustainable basis.

The political endeavour under the Saranda Action Plan (SAP) — not just to bring the government closer to the local tribal population but also to give them a stake in the democratic set-up and unfet

CHENNAI: With a view to checking rain water from flowing into the sea and storing water received from Krishna River for the residents of Chennai and its surrounding areas, Chief Minister J Jayalali

The State government has sanctioned works, estimated to cost around Rs.11.49 crore, for the artificial recharge of groundwater.

They cover the formation of subsurface dykes, percolation ponds, check dams and recharge shafts/ tube wells. A release on Tuesday stated that Chief Minister Jayalalithaa had approved the proposals.

SHILLONG: The State Government is targeting to complete the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for tackling the flood problem faced by localities close to the Wahumkhrah River within March.

“We want the DPR to be ready by March as it will allow the State Government to approach the Centre for allocation of funds for the flood management programme,” State Water Resources Minister AL Hek told reporters on Wednesday. While informing that the Government is intending to construct checks dams right from Umkaliar River upto Mawlai Bridge, Hek said that they are also planning to construct proper drains on the small streams which lead to Wahumkhrah.

This report is about sustainable land management, the development of water buffers and the business case underneath it. It is part of the discussion on the green economy: investment in natural resource management makes business sense. This also applies for investment in land, water and vegetative cover.

Independent India’s first hill city has jeopardised the ecology of the Sahyadri Hills. Its developer and political patrons bent rules and circumvented environmental law while building it. Resultant landslides could endanger the city. Read this special report published in DownTo Earth.