The incident occurred at a factory in the southeastern industrial city of Gumi, where a hydrochloric acid leak at another factory last September left more than 3,000 people seeking medical treatmen

Liquid chlorine spill at a chemical plant in Russia's Perm Territory injured 30 people, local authorities told the Interfax news agency Friday.

About 5 tons of liquid waste containing sodium cyanide capable of killing 125,000 people leaked from a plating factory in Iwate Prefecture, but the factory operator said it has retrieved most of th

Thirty-eight people have been punished after a chemical leak contaminated a river in North China's Shanxi province last month, a working group that is responsible for addressing the incident said W

China aims to spend $850 billion to improve filthy water supplies over the next decade, but even such huge outlays may do little to reverse damage caused by decades of pollution and overuse in Beij

Chemical manufacturer Orica has been charged with 279 environmental offences for allegedly discharging excessive levels of cyanide into Gladstone Harbour.

It has been more than four decades since the first well was drilled in the natural gas field beneath this stretch of slow rolling alfalfa and sugar beet farms.

The owners of a stricken container ship wrecked on a reef off a popular New Zealand holiday spot have been charged with causing the country's worst environmental disaster in decades, maritime offic

Hydrofluoric acid (HF) leaked from an alkylation unit at BP Plc's 406,570-barrels-per-day refinery in Texas City, Texas on Tuesday morning, triggering alarms in the plant and warnings to area resid

Atomic Energy Authority officials, along with other stakeholders, collected samples in the deep sea upto four kilometres in the Beruwala area, to check whether they were contaminated due to the rad