Bhopal is a metaphor for disaster, industrial and human. It has been the object of much speculation and typically endless litigation. A case study in regulatory law, it could serve as wonderful proof in an argument to uphold the precautionary principle. R

This is arguably the starkest reminder of corporate irresponsibility. In mid-October this year, us congressman Frank Pallone and eight colleagues filed an amicus brief on behalf of the more than

flawed trials: Yet another controversy has erupted over genetically modified (GM) crops

Press release hoax . The Bhopal Gas Disaster: Targeting Dow Chemical . USA Negligence, not sabotage, according to a New Scientist report, caused the 1984 Bhopal disaster, when toxic gases leaked

a carcinogenic gas called cokeoven leaked from the gas supply lines of the Durgapur Steel Plant (dsp), West Bengal, in the last week of December, 2000. The leak took place when a fire

about 20 tonnes of radioactive coolant water leaked from an eight-cm-long crack in a pipe at a nuclear power plant in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture, Japan, on

A prototype fast-breeder nuclear reactor in Japan had to be shut down due to sodium leakage last December. This accident has recently raised fundamental questions about Japan's nuclear power

Environmentalists exchange victory signs as three Atmospheric scientists and an anti nuclear activist are awarded Nobel prize

With anti nuclear sentiments riding High today, porticularly in developing Countries it is appropriate that the hd Peace Prize went to an active besnifter inespon campaigner - ob 1, 11 and his