Chikungunya and other vector-borne diseases are ravaging our district taking toll on the life of thousands of poor people. But the authorities are trying to underplay the seriousness of the actual situation and have so far done only cosmetic measures to contain the diseases, without trying to find out why this has happened and how to root it out completely from the coastal districts. It is time everyone including the authorities realise that, man and nature are inter-dependent, and we all must show our gratitude to nature for taking loving care of us.

Kolar: The district is facing acute water shortage with 281 villages lacking drinking water facilities and their number is increasing day by day. The drought relief works requires a fund of Rs 18 crores and soon a proposal will be submitted to the government soon said deputy commissioner B Shivappa. He was speaking, presiding a meeting at his office on Monday of draught relief and calamity authority.

WHILE the Mumbai civic administration is dealing with an increase in cases of rain-related ailments this monsoon, the state health administration has had to tackle fewer instances of disease outbreaks so far. Since April, there have been only 15 deaths in the other parts of the state due to water-borne and vector-borne diseases. Nine of these deaths are due to water-borne diseases like gastroenteritis and diarrhoea, and six due to vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue.

Concerted effort is needed to fight chikungunya.

Bangalore: Chikungunya cases continued to admitted at both KC General Hospital and Sriramapura Referral Hospital in Bangalore on Thursday with 33 fresh suspected cases reported in both hospitals. While statewide 21,805 suspected cases of chikungunya have been reported, Health Minister B Sriramulu said that he received reports of suspected cases of dengue in three districts.

Bangalore, DHNS: Instances of chikungunya continued to spiral in Bangalore City with over 260 suspected cases of the disease being reported since June 14 at K C General Hospital and Sriramapura Referral Hospital. About 36 fresh cases were reported on Wednesday. Most patients affected by the vector-borne disease were from Sriramapura, Ramchandrapura, Prakashnagar, Nagappa Garden, RC Pura, Bhashyam Nagar, Yeshwantpur and Malleswaram.

Though the Chikungunya epidemic that devastated Ratnapura district with over 10,000 reported cases brought misery and pain to many, it had been a windfall for private medical practitioners, a ministry spokesman said yesterday. "A survey conducted by the Ministry of Health for the sharp increase of Chikungunya has revealed the Epidemiologist Unit has not taken action to prevent the spread of the disease and has also failed to report the first case of Chikungunya where a pilgrim at Eratne had infected Chikungunya after he made a pilgrimage to India,' the spokesman said.

With a view to controlling the prevailing dengue fever and chikungunya in certain areas of Sabaragamuwa, specially in Ratnapura district the health authorities have paid specific attention to combat the breeding of the mosquito. In Ratnapura district it has properly been found out the abandoned gem-pits have become the number one source of the resulting of chikungunya and dengue in most areas of Ratnapura district.

The health department of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has drawn up an ambitious plan to combat emergencies during the monsoon. Setting up a control room in Kasturba Hospital at Chinchpokli for uniform diagnosis, investigation and treatment of ailments. The civic body has also called for extra provision of drugs, said Shubhada Gudekar, chairperson of the Public Health Committee.

Healthcare and Nutrition Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva yesterday instructed his officials to take precautionary measures to prevent a possible outbreak of water