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After Dolly the Sheep, it's Doogie the Mouse who is now burrowing a tunnel to give us a telescopic vision of the brave new world ahead.A Princeton University neurobiologists and his team have

Australia's A$1-billion a year raw sugar industry is moving to follow Brazil into a new industry producing bio-degradable plastic from sugarcane. The Queensland State Government authority, the Bureau

European Transport Ministers have agreed on a Europe-wide system for taxing heavy goods vehicles according to the environmental impact, and an agreement for Switzerland to allow transit of larger

Greenpeace activists prevented toxic effluents from the ATANOR S.A pesticides manufacturer to contaminate the river Del Rey, in the district of Lomas de Zamora, Argentina. In addition to prevent the

Dashing hopes for a sunny spell after the annual monsoon season, torrential rains dumped more than 800 mm in South Korea's central region in four days, leaving local meteorologists scrambling to

Spanish environment minister Isabel Tocino has made political waves by announcing that increasing nuclear power output might become part of Spain's climate change policy. In a paper presented to the

Unable to stop real estate developers from indiscriminately filling up ponds in the newly-added areas to the city, Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) will use the West Bengal Fisheries Act to save

The UK could earn up to $1.1bn a year from trading in carbon emissions as the rest of Europe struggles to meet Kyoto pollution targets, according to independent research. But the report, by Ilex, the

Coral reefs the world over are showing signs of bleaching, largely due to global warming, and could become extinct by 2050, warn researchers. A sample survey of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands shows

Despite a booming economy, emissons of man-made carbon dioxide remained almost flat in the U.S. last year, and global emissions appear to have dropped. That has led to some experts to believe that