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The Japan government will propose at an international conference on global warming in November a plan to provide developing nations with incentives to cut greenhouse-gas emissions, government sources

Japan has announced it is to begin a nationwide study on the storage of waste contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). The research will evaluate the extent of unregulated use and illegal

British Petroleum Co Plc plans to pledge Friday to reduce its 'greenhouse gas' emissions by 10 per cent below 1990 levels within 12 years, the Washington Post reported on Friday.The newspaper said

Twenty two nations have agreed to implement an action plan to enforce global warming obligations set out at last December's Kyoto conference. The plan, agreed at an informal meeting of ministers on

A guessing game : Scientists have no idea how to predict the long-term effects of global warming, according to a powerful US research body. Dramatic improvements are urgently required if people

The sky is falling on us - or at least the top of it is. The height of the upper atmosphere has dropped by 8km since 1958, according to scientists at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge. The

Whatever the future effects of carbon-dioxise emissions on the climat be, argument rages over how much the globe has warmed in past decades.

Whatever the future effects of cabon-dioxide emissions on the climate, an argument rages over how much the globe has warmed in past decades : a

The cost of cutting back : A new study from Worldwatch Institute concludes that greenhouse gas reduction will boost the economy by spurring innovation. If economists can't pin down the costs, how

With developed countries doing little to restrict global warming, a ray of hope comes from the development of favourable technologies