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A substantial Antarctic 'ice shelf' could disappear before the end of the century, according to a report in a recent issue of Nature. Crucially, its collapse could happen almost without warning and

An international treaty to fight global warming and reduce heat trapping fossil fuel emissions would have little effect on United States employment and a fairly modest effect on energy prices,

Sumitomo, the Japanese trading house is to help a Russian power generating group reduce its emissions to greenhouse gases. The deal could provide Japan with credit towards it own greenhouse gas

In a major shift in the debate over global warming a growing number of major oil company executives are acknowledging that fossil fuels may be changing the world's climate and have begun focussing on

A joint research team from Osaka University, the University of Shizuoka and Takenaka Corp. has developed a technology using a fungus that secretes a potent degradative enzyme. These can then be used

The government is gearing up a national drive to cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with the agreement reached at the international climate change conference in Kyoto in Decemeber. The Environment

Scientists at Oxford University, UK, have found a way to increase the starch content of potato, maize and rice. Starch is the single largest

The California-based Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the formation of a study group to examine the need for national action following a series of reports in a Seattle newspaper

Till date, there were no truly "reliable" methods of quake prediction. Most of the existing methods predicted quakes only a short time before they actually occurred. But recently, Panayiotis Varotos

New LCD screens are all set to revolutionise the visual world