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The sudden climate shift at the end of the Palaeocene era 55 million years ago might be a result of volcanic eruptions. According to Timothy Bralower at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,

Diseases due to change in the environment are on the rise, especially in India. Olavi Elo , World Health Organization who representative in India, tells Sonia Kapoor ab

A $1 million project launched by UNDP and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) will fund a study in China to identify ways of improving energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from

The first of a new cross bred animal species called 'Cama' has been produced sucessfully for the first time at Dubai's camel production centre. Named 'Rama' the 5.5 kg first specimen of the

India will use remote sensing data beamed by its advanced satellites to identify hot spots of biodiversity and stem the issues of its rich biological health.

The government, the judiciary and the people have to take action together to stop environmental damage. Laws have to be enacted and cases taken up on a priority. But laws alone will achieve little. If no action is taken on court orders, the land and the p

Evaluation of damage: the Exxon Valdez case

Disaster relief in Australia, Britain and USA

If predictions of global warming turn out to be true, the ludicrous decisions taken at the Kyoto conference will prove very costly to the world

ICI, a UK-based company, is deve