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July was hottest month on record around the world and reflects a dangerous trend certain to get worse unless steps are taken to stop global warming. US Vice-President Al Gore has said.

Four months ago, after residents and politicians in Indiana and Illinois screamed bloody murder, a train carrying 22,000 gallons of napalm to an Indiana disposal plant was abruptly halted and turned

Scientists have long theorized that climatic changes related to global warming could unleash outbreaks of diseases like malaria, dengue, fever, cholera and heat stroke. But with the modest amount of

Last month was the hottest on Earth since records began more than 100 years ago, and chances are this will be the hottest year in the past six centuries. The Vice-President of

The proposed Krishna Khore irrigation project in Maharashtra, aimed at bringing relief to farmers in the drought-prone parts of Solarpur district, will cause extensive damaged to the ecology of

The year 1998 is all set to be the hottest year of the millennium, the latest global temperature measurements show. Thousands of readings from satellites and weather stations across the globe have

In addition to wreaking death and destruction, hurricanes might just contribute to global warming. Scientists at the Bermuda Station for Biological Research in Denver found that hurricanes hurl

The forecast of global warming provided to Congress a decade ago by NASA scientist James Hanson "was an astounding failure" and the statement two years later by the United Nations Intergovernmental

A high level seminar of the Planning Commission has accused the developed countries of being the biggest contributors to the accumulation, of Green House Gases in the atmosphere which is causing

Paying other countries to cut their pollution could be the cheapest way for the United States to help control the heat-trapping gases that cause global warming, the Clinton Administration said in a