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Massagers are now increasingly becoming popular with teenage students and young adults, especially women office workers. These light, compact units developed recently in Japan, for softening up stiff

The global assessment of the environment has been based on the CD scenario

Ancient Sahara was wetter and wilder before. Changes in vegetation have played a role in transforming its climate

An audit of the earth addresses the growing concern that the costs of environmental degradation are actually becoming a serious threat to sustained welfare

Increasing acid rain. Higher

Life forms have been found even inside the Earth s crust, a region previously thought to be barren

To record environmental trends US spy satellites will now be used for monitoring natural phenomena

Bone marrow transplantation shows promise of curing patients afflicted with sickle cell disease

The Swiss Coalition of Development Organisations has launched a North-South Campaign to inform Swiss citizens about North-South issues and partnerships. The

The World Council of Churches (WCC) organised a campaign